Mukhopadhyay Lab

A Mem
brane Trafficking Group at UT-Austin
Research Interest: Understanding how intracellular trafficking regulates physiologically relevant cellular processes and how defects in trafficking alter cell physiology to induce human disease.

Current focus: 1. Trafficking in metal homeostasis and induced neurotoxicity; 2. Mechanisms mediating intracellular transport of Shiga and other bacterial  toxins.

Funding: 1. NIH/NIEHS K99/R00; 2. NIH/NIEHS R01. 

Graduate program affiliations:
1. Pharmaceutical Sciences (Division of Pharmacology and Toxicology); 2. Cell and Molecular Biology (Institute for Cellular and Molecular Biology); 3. Biochemistry (Institute for Cellular and Molecular Biology); 4. Neuroscience (Institute for Neuroscience).
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